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#309 - Love Your Fate → Embrace Suffering → Enjoy Hard Things

March 16, 2022 Colin Stuckert
The Better Human Podcast
#309 - Love Your Fate → Embrace Suffering → Enjoy Hard Things
Show Notes

Balancing duality is one of the hardest things in life. Duality is the Taoist concept that everything is defined by its opposite.

Your life is a constant interplay of opposites.

  • Without pain, you can’t know how great it is to not be in pain.
  • Without struggle, you don’t appreciate not struggling.
  • Without hot you don’t know what cold is.
  • Without day, there is no such thing as night.
  • Without working for something, you won’t appreciate it.

Since you can't remove duality from life, your best strategy is understanding it and using strategies to use it to your advantage.

Examples include:

Do hard things and enjoy that process so you can enjoy—and get—the benefits.

Embrace fate - Amor fati (love of fate). Love every moment of your life no matter how bad you think it is because that is your life and you can’t control the past so you may as well accept it and move forward.

Accept the struggles in life rather than convincing yourself you are unlucky a victim or some other mental bullshit. The more you let unfortunate circumstances induce learned helplessness, the more unfortunate you will get in your life. And at that point, you are choosing it. Choose better.

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