The Better Human Podcast

#317 - How Simplicity Can Transform Your Life

April 01, 2022 Colin Stuckert
The Better Human Podcast
#317 - How Simplicity Can Transform Your Life
Show Notes

Humans are drawn to complexity. We believe complexity is better because it seems like it should be better. So we get drawn into complex nonsense that takes us further away from where we want to go.

The reality is, simple is better.

Simple is the foundation of everything. If you end up going into complex domains, your best path forward is riding the simplicity train through the complex web of options. Simplicity is the dedicated focus to first principles. Keeping things simple is hard. It takes sustained effort and constant reminders to stay the course.

Don’t waste time complaining or blaming.

Don’t waste time trying to predict every possible outcome or worst-case scenario.

Don’t waste time thinking about sunken costs.

Just answer this question: What should I do now?

That's it.

It’s really as simple—and as complicated—as that.

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