The Better Human Podcast

#320 - The All-Encompassing Philosophy For A Successful Life

April 09, 2022 Colin Stuckert
The Better Human Podcast
#320 - The All-Encompassing Philosophy For A Successful Life
Show Notes

This is how you manifest Max Truth—complete ownership rooted in understanding the Truth of your existence, that everything is you and only you.

You’re awake when you realize that nothing exists outside of you without your permission.

Since lack of success is your fault—and it is—then success is also your fault. If you can internalize this Truth in your bones, life becomes so damn simple: you make it happen or it doesn't happen. There is beauty in simple Truth, and personal ownership is a prime example of that.

How much of life is frittered away by detail, as Thoreau said, and on other pointless shit that doesn't matter. (Like Will Smith slapping Chris Rock and people wasting their precious life talking about it). That realization is rocket fuel to creating success in the modern world and living a truly badass life.

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