The Better Human Podcast

#225 - You are being robbed

October 09, 2021 Colin Stuckert Episode 224
The Better Human Podcast
#225 - You are being robbed
Show Notes

Today's Big Idea: Fiat is THEFT

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I take the Upgraded Magnesium and Potassium, Upgraded Memory with Boron, and the Iodine. That’s my daily stack.

My good friend Barton runs an awesome company called Upgraded Formulas. I take his liquid minerals to help balance out my levels and I've seen aggressive results with this test then supplement approach.

Try the iodine and magnesium at least, since you're likely low as most people are.

Today I am bringing on my first official sponsor, Upgraded Formulas. I use these products myself, which is the only reason I took them on. Check them out below and strongly consider the hair test to get an accurate view of your mineral levels, so you know exactly how to correct them. (I have high mercury, low sodium and potassium, and am now working on fixing those.

Since adding UF to my daily supplement stack, my sleep is better, and my mid-afternoon "slump" is nonexistent. Minerals matter, so instead of guessing, test.

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